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Adrian's Place is an inclusive community hub located in Santa Monica California dedicated to providing a environment for families, friends, caregivers and professionals to come together to share experiences, learn from each other, and to provide vital programs and services. 


Together, with our talented service provider partners, we offer a wide range of recreational, social and therapeutic programs, as well as social activities, for teens and young adults tailored to meet their abilities. 

Explore our programming and our amazing service provider partners.  There may be something that is right for your loved one.  And if you are a provider of services, we would love to talk to see how we can potentially work together.

New Programs & Events

Growing Side by Side:Sign up to Teen Social Club , Sibshop and Latino Support

Physical (Yoga) and Social Group focused on young men by Los Angeles Friends

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Growing Side by Side desarrolla oportunidades para construir fuertes lazos entre pares para aquellos con necesidades especiales, sus familias y sus cuidadores.  

A través de la colaboración, la educación y la creación, Growing Side by Side trabaja con socios de la comunidad para brindar oportunidades, no solo para aquellos con necesidades especiales, sino para toda su red de apoyo, sobre todo sus familias. 
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