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Gross Motor Fitness - Private Sessions

Gross Motor Fitness with Surf the Spectrum Private Sessions

  • 1 hora
  • Adrian's Place Santa Monica

Descripción del servicio

To book, contact Surf the Spectrum Phone: 619-292-8970 Private Instruction - Sessions: 45-60 minutes Our evidence-based core strengthening exercises will help you improve fundamental motor skills. Hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, dual tasking and overall motor performance plays such a critical role in everyday living. It is well understood that gross motor coordination and movement proficiency has a major impact on executive function and cognitive development. Each client is assessed using The Gross Motor Development Scale-3 (TGMD-3), and curriculum is designed to meet their specific needs and goals. Our unique, challenging and fun program will help you improve your sport performance and readiness for a physically active lifestyle! • Includes a 60 minute evaluation of core stability, balance & spatial awareness and posture. • Curriculum: Designed based on assessment and includes training of the major gross motor milestones specific to age-group

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